Saturday, October 6, 2018

Let's Talk... Hot Off The Press
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Ignore Amendment 2 Misinformation 
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You may have received an email recently claiming Amendment 2 is not for everyone, especially Realtors®. If you have not already placed it in your junk folder, I hope you will do so shortly, as it is false information being pushed by a group that makes money challenging the sky-high property tax assessments that Amendment 2 prevents.

As a reminder, Amendment 2 is for everyone because it preserves the 10 percent cap on annual tax increases of non-homestead property taxes. It is not a tax increase nor a change to current law.

The email that was circulated contained false information about portability. The truth is, portability has nothing to do with this amendment. Whether it passes or not, non-homestead property owners and buyers will still not have that portability. However, if it does not pass, all non-homestead property owners are at risk of massive and unpredictable tax increases.

Another bit of false information they are pushing is that the annual cap takes money away from local services and the education needs of our communities. This is a ridiculous notion. Local governments have been doing just fine with the cap in place for the last 10 years, and the taxes collected from these properties are completely separate from the local taxes that fund schools.

This may not be the last of these misinformation attempts, especially as we get closer to the November 6 election, so I hope you take each of them with a massive grain of salt. So, no matter what some non-Realtor group may have to say about Amendment 2, please know that it really is good for you, me and everyone else.

Christine Hansen
2018 President
Florida Realtors®

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