Monday, September 10, 2007

Southwest Florida Relocation Specialist

Michelle DeNomme, Realtor
Prudential Florida WCI Realty

I invite you to make... Naples
"Your Home Sweet Home"

My expertise will be invaluable to you in your selection process whether you are Buying, Selling your home or relocating to Southwest Florida…

As Your Relocation Agent…
People relocate for a number of reasons. Some of us move for new work opportunities,
some of us move to be closer to family, and some of us move just for the adventure of new
places and opportunities. Whatever the reason for your relocation, it is bound to be a time
that – though exciting – will also be hectic. There are so many details that you need to take care of as you move out of your familiar environs and move into an unfamiliar community.

To minimize the stress of this move you need the assistance of a qualified professional who has an intimate knowledge of the area to which you are relocating. Michelle along with Prudential Florida WCI Realty has been successful in helping numerous families with the transition to a new neighborhood and we are experienced at making this process as painless as possible.Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we will make sure that your move is quick and painless. I will make sure that your move is handled professionally,
promptly, efficiently and with the utmost attention to detail.

Prudential Real Estate is the first fully-integrated real estate and relocation company – a leading provider of global mobility services, delivering a broad range of relation services to corporations, government agencies and individuals worldwide. Our award-winning relocation department processes over 5,600 referrals each year with an exceptional conversion rate far in excess of the national average.

Prudential Referral Services (PRS) maximizes lead opportunities by supporting broker-to-broker referral activity, facilitating lead generation, and increasing network professionalism and broker performance. Some of our corporate referral sources include, Prudential Relocation, Marriott, Graebel Relocation, GMAC, Primacy, Hewitt, Home Depot, YAHOO.COM LEADS – Prudential Platform.

“Working with my Realtor, Michelle DeNomme, on my relocation back to Naples was informative, professional and most of all she discovered exactly what I wanted”. “Her ability to listen and really hear my needs made the selection process remarkable, along with her expertise that was invaluable throughout my purchase process”. “Michelle has a great gift in understanding buyers desires and applied this gift to provide a seamless transaction”. “Let Michelle help you make your single most important purchase a memorable experience”.

…Sincerest Thanks, Jo

I still can't believe how much we packed into less than a week. Thanks so much for all you did. You have to be the very best Realtor in Naples and beyond! I was so dreading the whole obstacle of finding a place and you anticipated all of our questions, considerations, etc. You are a jewel!

…Susan and Kelly

Contact me today if you have any questions when it comes to your relocation
process... Let's Talk!

Have a GREAT day!
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Saturday, September 8, 2007

What and When to have a "Mold Inspections In Southwest Florida"

Let's Talk...
Did you know... that a mold inspection is not the same as a mold test? Home Owners, Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, and Insurance Company representitives should be aware of the difference. A mold test is only part of a Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Mold Inspection in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Palm Beach, anywhere in Florida or the rest of the country. The Govenor of Florida recently signed legislation into law requiring mold inspectors to identify the source and extent of mold problems. Until the new law becomes effective, consumers need to understand lab analysis only reports are not enough information to decide if a structure has a "mold problem".

Real Estate Transaction this is what should be done:
Step 1
First-line mold screening performed by home inspectors is to get preliminary information on whether a mold problem may exist and further investigation is warranted.

Step 2
A professional mold inspector (CIE or CIH) will determine if property has a mold/moisture problem, identify and document the sources and write recommendations for corrections.

Step 3
Remediation Company will clean up mold problem following the recommendations of the CIETM (Certified Indoor Environmentalist) or CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) based on “IICRC S520 Standard for Mold Remediation.

Step 4
Clearance inspection and testing is performed by a CIETM or CIH to ensure mold clean up was done properly. Home Inspectors should not do Clearance inspections or testing unless they are qualified to write remediation specification or protocols and carry "mold specific" Errors and Omissions Insurance.

NOTE: LIABILITY for job passes to the person who performed the Clearance inspection. MOLD specific Errors and Omission insurance is NOT the same as Home Inspector Insurance. Many companies form a corporation and then just close company when liability issues arise.

Are you paying for a mold inspection and just getting a mold test?
Does your inspector tell you to call the lab to have your report explained?

Many Inspectors sell mold testing to consumers who think they are getting a mold inspection with report.

A Mold inspection report includes:

1. a scope of work performed.
2. an executive summary documenting any suspect conditions.
3. Lab analysis .... (test results)
4. Source identifications & RECOMMENDATIONS for corrections.
5. Photo's documenting signs moisture intrusion, suspected mold.
6. Infrared Thermal imaging camera survey of subject property.
7. May also include a particle count survey; to aid in finding the source of mold growth.

Your inspector should be able to explain your "mold inspection report" not tell you to call a lab that has never seen the property.

Many times a Mold Inspector’s charge for a “Mold Inspection” is about the same as a home inspector charges for a mold test.

Be sure to contact me with any questions you may have regarding your next Real Estate Transaction, I can help you with each and every detail whether you are Buying or Selling...

Have a GREAT day!
Michelle DeNomme, REALTOR
Prudential Florida WCI Realty

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