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Let's Talk... Hot Off the Press
Brokers See a Steady Summer Season.

Naples, Fla. (August 19, 2016) - The July 2016 Market Report released by the Naples 
Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®), which tracks home listings and sales within 
Collier County (excluding Marco Island), showed performance as expected during a 
traditional summer season. The inventory increase to 4,801 homes is welcome news to 
homebuyers following record-low inventory levels in July 2015, when the number of active 
listings dropped to 3,518 homes. Median closed prices remained steady for price segments 
above $300,000, which is good news to buyers, and increased 11 percent in the 
under $300,000 price category.

"Home prices continue to remain stable, and we are absorbing the inventory," 

said Jeff Jones, Managing Broker at the Naples-Park Shore office of 
Coldwell Banker®. "As the report reveals, a decrease in pending and closed 
sales in July had nothing to do with prices. Properties priced 
right were selling. We sold 627 homes, only 99 fewer homes in July 
than the year before, which 
was a very good year."

Bill Coffey, Broker Manager of Amerivest Realty Naples, agreed, saying, 

"Prices are remaining the same regardless of the increased inventory. 
Interestingly, the median closed price is up 7 percent from July a year 
ago to $300,000 when one would think the prices would go down 
due to the 36 percent increase in inventory."

Unlike other areas of the country, real estate sales in Naples decline 

during the off-season summer months. This pause is a familiar expectation, 
due to a majority of second home buyers retreating to their Northern 
homes during the summer months. The decline in July's home sales 
may also be due to the increase in the Canadian exchange rate and 
tourism being off this summer. Brokers anticipate the market will take 
off again in season.

According to Coffey, "Days on market for all price categories above 

$300,000 are returning to a normal range. The report shows that the 
days on the market for homes $1 million and above have decreased 
double digits from July of last year."
The July 2016 Market Report showed a 25 decrease in overall 

pending sales (homes under contract) to 681 pending sales from 
913 pending sales in July 2015 (year over year). Overall closed 
sales decreased 14 percent to 627 closed sales from 726 closed 
sales in July 2015 (year over year). In comparison, overall closed 
ales decreased 2 percent from July 2014 to July 2015 (year over year). 
However, in perspective, inventory decreased 1 percent between 
July 2014 and July 2015, but increased 36 percent between July 2015 
and July 2016.
Despite a drop in overall closed sales, closed sales for single-family 

homes in the $500,000 to $1 million price category increased 26 
percent in July 2016 to 72 single-family homes from 57 single-family 
homes in July 2015 (year over year). This segment's median closed price 
decreased 7 percent to $627,000 in July 2016 from $672,000 
in July 2015 (year over year).

The July 2016 Market Report also showed a 44 percent decrease 

in median closed price for condominiums in the $2 million and 
above price category (year over year). In July 2015, the median 
closed price for these high-end condominiums was $4,395,000 
(year over year). The median closed price for this price category 
dropped to $2,450,000 (year over year) in July 2016. This price 
segment also saw the highest increase in inventory of all other 
home types in July 2016; a 79 percent increase to 84 condominiums i
n July 2016 from 47 condominiums in July 2015.

The NABOR® July 2016 Market Report provides comparisons 

of single-family home and condominium sales (via the Southwest 
Florida MLS), price ranges, and geographic segmentation and
includes an overall market summary. The NABOR® July 2016 
sales statistics are presented in chart format, including these 
overall (single-family and condominium) findings: 

Additional activity of interest in the NABOR® July 2016 

Market Report includes:
  • Overall pending sales in the Immokalee/Ave Maria geographic area (34142) increased 25 percent to 5 pending sales in July 2016 from 4 pending sales in July 2015.
  • Closed sales for single-family homes in the East Naples 
  • geographic area (34114, 34117, 34120, 34137) increased 39 percent to 104 single-family homes in July 2016 from 75 single-family homes in July 2015.
  • Median closed prices for condominiums in the Naples Beach geographic area (34102, 34103, 34108) increased 28 percent to $725,000 in July 2016 from $567,000 in July 2015.
  •  Inventory for single-family homes in the $300,000 and below price category did not change between July 2015 and July 2016.
  • Inventory for condominiums in the North Naples geographic area (34109, 23110, 23119) increased 74 percent to 637 condominiums in July 2016 from 367 condominiums in July 2015.
Activity in the Naples Beach area surprised broker analysts 
as its median closed price for single-family homes decreased 
26 percent, yet its median closed price for condominiums increased 
28 percent (year over year).

"When they find it, they buy it," said Coco Waldenmayer, a managing 

broker at John R. Wood Properties. "Buyers, whether they are baby 
boomers or international, know what they are looking for in Naples."

As always if you have any questions about our Real Estate 
Market in South West Florida please feel free to contact me 
by e-mail at or by 
calling 239.404.7787.
I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spring Chicken, Lulu’s opening on Alton Road in South Beach

A third, as yet undetermined, tenant will occupy the third space on the property
August 05, 2016 09:45AM
By Ina Cordle

John Kunkel, 1439 Alton Road site and Luisa Santos
Spring Chicken, the new fast-casual concept from John Kunkel’s 50 Eggs, is opening its third location this month at 1439 Alton Road, along with Lulu’s, a nitrogen ice cream shop, The Real Deal has learned.
The Miami Beach site was formerly occupied by BTW, another 50 Eggs brand, and earlier, was the original site for Lime, the Mexican restaurant chain Kunkel launched, expanded and sold to Ruby Tuesday for $24 million in 2012.
“I’ve always loved that spot. It helped launch Lime, which helped launch 50 Eggs,” Kunkel told TRD. “I ended up speaking with the landlord and getting a master lease on all three parcels for the next 15 years.”
Alton Road in South Beach is undergoing a transformation with new dining spots like Al’s, a 24-hour diner that Menin Hospitality is bringing to the old Firestone service station on Alton and 15th Street, Crescent Heights’ planned mixed-use project 1212 Lincoln Road at Alton and 16th Street and Rock Soffer and Turnberry Associates’ planned development at 1698 Alton Road.
Spring Chicken, which Kunkel calls “Shake Shack meets Chick-fil-A,” will occupy 1,000 square feet at 1439 Alton Road, and will share a courtyard with Lulu’s. A third, as yet undetermined concept will occupy a house in the back. Property records show Edith Wigoda owns the property, and Kunkel said he has leased it for more than 10 years from her and her late husband. The rate is in the $40s per-square-foot, he said.
“My vision for the property is to transform it with uses I think are appropriate… and we started looking for uses that would be complimentary and and weren’t on the Beach,” he said.
Spring Chicken had originally planned to open in the space before the end of last year, but Kunkel said he decided to push back the date so he could concentrate on a Fort Lauderdale site first.
Spring Chicken and Lulu’s are now aiming for an Aug. 25 opening date, and the third concept will open in September, he said. 
It will be the second location for Lulu’s, which launched at 2001 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami in 2013. 

Luisa Santos, Lulu’s owner, said her 421-square-foot space will incorporate natural elements, like counters made of reclaimed wood, in line with her “cow-to-cone” theme. “This kind of nook in the middle of the Beach is very intimate, even though it’s on Alton Road,” she told TRD.
Spring Chicken launched in Coral Gables in January, at 1514 South Dixie Highway. A second location opened two months ago at 2400 North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. A fourth location is expected to open in October at Miami International Airport.
Kunkel said his plan is to roll out the concept across South Florida and then nationally. Next year he hopes to open five locations, and is looking at sites in Aventura, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines and Plantation. “They are great locations that we know well from the Lime days,” he said.

How Many Calories Do Olympic Athletes Need?

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on July 25, 2012.
Eliza Barclay

Food, as we so often note on this blog, means a lot of different things to different people. To Olympic athletes, food is fuel for exceptional athletic performance. But there's a surprising amount of variety in just how much fuel elite athletes need.
Anyone who followed Michael Phelps' astonishing performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games surely will remember one of the secrets of his success: Consuming as many as 12,000 calories in a day.
Of course, unlike the rest of us average folk who spend most of our time sitting and need only 1,600 to 3,000 calories, Phelps burned his 12,000 calories easily while churning through the water at tremendous speed for hours on end.
Swimmers like Phelps aren't the only athletes who pound eggs, pancakes, and pasta before competition — cyclists, marathon runners and rowers are also known to do some serious carbohydrate loading to fuel their super intense, continuous activity.
But don't expect to see an Olympic wrestler or gymnast with a crowded tray in the Team USA cafeteria. They're more likely to be eating a peanut butter sandwich and some fruit.
That's because these athletes restrict what they eat right before go time to be light and lithe, says Nanna Meyer, senior sport dietitian for the U.S. Olympic Committee and a professor of sports nutrition at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. (Some of these athletes of restrict so much that they cross the line into eating disorders.)
Type of athletePre-event nutritionEnergy 
per day
Endurance (cycling, swimming, marathon, rowing)Carbohydrate loading3,000-8,000 calories
Team sports (basketball, soccer)Extra carbohydrate intake but not loading3,000-4,500 calories
Other sports (sailing, kayaking)Moderate energy/carbohydrate intake2,500-3,500 calories
Strength/power sports (shot put, weight-lifting)Moderate energy/carbohydrate intake2,800-6,000 calories
Aesthetic sports (gymnastics, diving, synchronized swimming)Some restriction likely before competition2,000-2,500 calories
Weight-class (taekwondo, wrestling, fencing, light weight rowing)Some restriction likely to make weight followed by recovery before competition~1,200-1,500 calories to make weight followed by increase in calories to recover and prepare for competition

They're at the other end of a pretty broad spectrum of what Olympians consume before competition. Meyer helped us put together the table below to show that the number
of calories athletes need depends a lot on the sport.
She cautions that many of these numbers are rough
estimates, and even within sports, male and female
athletes may eat very different amounts.
Endurance athletes need the most calories because they are competing for hours, while basketball players go hard for a shorter period of time. Gymnasts, meanwhile, are stopping and going. Weight-lifters and shot putters harness a lot of energy for a very short burst. How much muscle mass each athlete has and their weight also affects how much energy they use.
Meyer and her team are responsible for making sure the athletes have the food they need while they're in London. They've figured out what to put on the menu by talking to the athletes about what they want and need to eat.
But that doesn't mean they have all the data they'd like.
"We don't have great data on many sports on energy expenditure because we can't measure it," Meyer tells The Salt. She says that's because the methods available — indirect calorimetry and doubly labeled water — could interfere with training.

Instead, she asks athletes to share their journals where they record their training and what they eat. "If their weights are stable we can assume that what they're eating reflects their energy balance. We can learn a lot from talking to them," she says.

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Let's Talk…
As summer is starting to wrap up here in Naples, we are 
getting started organizing our agendas for our up coming Fall 
and Winter Season! Be sure to check out below my top picks for 
Dinning in Naples...

Here’s what’s happening with our Real Estate Market in 
Naples to view the latest Naples market statistics
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Experts Report 2Q 2016 Real Estate Market Remains Balanced
As Collier County’s resale housing inventory levels continue to 
outpace last year’s levels, median closed sale prices for homes over 
$300,000 remain fairly unchanged. Several brokers who recently 
analyzed the Second Quarter and June 2016 Market Reports 
released by the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®) 
elieve the 2Q real estate market’s behavior is reminiscent of how 
the local housing market behaved in 2003.

“During the recession we experienced a dramatic increase in inventory, 
particularly in properties below $300,000,” …

“Sellers who anticipated a continued increase in the value of their homes a
re getting a dose of new reality,” said Cindy Carroll, SRA, with the real estate a
ppraisal and consultancy firm Carroll & Carroll, Inc. “The report showed 
virtually no increase in closed sale prices in the second quarter versus the first 
quarter so sellers need to reset their thinking because we have entered a new 
ycle that looks a lot more like where we were in 2003 and 2004.”

Carroll added that she doesn’t anticipate overall median closed sale prices will 

go down anytime this year, but she admitted that she does foresee list prices 
decreasing. “It’s a matter of staying competitive, and right now the competition i
s more inventory and new construction. So if a seller is really motivated to sell, t
hen their asking price has to be realistic as it will determine how quickly the 
sale will happen.”…

Real Estate Tidbits
Around Naples

Michelle's Food Picks of the Month
Dolce & Salato is located in beautiful Naples Florida, within 
walking distance to one of the top beaches on the gulf coast and 
nestled in the historic downtown district, along the upscale and 
popular Fifth Avenue South.
​The boutique's crisp and modern interior makes a comfortable 
cafe, which includes a rich food preparation area, surrounded by a 
display of tempting coffees, wines and a selection of imported 
beverages. The inside accommodates multi-use tables, which are 
often occupied by diners and the occasional Free Wi-Fi user.
Dolce & Salato is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Sunday Brunch​

Born out of our love of fine wines and delicious food, Citrus Seafood Restaurant 
has become the premiere location for fine dining in Naples. After traveling the 
world and sampling different cuisines, we decided to make our way back home 
and bring the world to us.
We are dedicated to offering only the finest and freshest foods. We 
have also taken great care in assembling a handpicked team of only t
he best Chef and experienced kitchen, dining, and bar staff.


Three60 Market.  Enjoy an exceptional array of delicious, freshly-prepared f
ood for breakfast and lunch on the waterfront overlooking scenic Haldeman 
Creek.  Take home our delicious grab and go meals, frozen ravioli and pasta, 
sauces and more or order from our catering menu. In addition to inside tables, 
our two expansive decks accommodate waterfront outdoor seating in good weather.  
We welcome your well-behaved canine companions on our outdoor decks.
Come to Three60 by Water!  We have open boat slips to accommodate your 
vessel for eat-in or take-out.  Make the trip by water down scenic Haldeman 
Creek and enjoy a complimentary mooring while you enjoy a meal.  
Or call ahead for take-out and we’ll have it packed up to go! 



Cakes by Banks

My Featured Listings
  • It must be Naples, 
  • It must be Extraordinary, 
  • It must be...

Single Family Home in Boating Community

1550 Mullet Lane
Royal Harbor

Condominium in a Golfing Community

2809 Tiburon Blvd East, Unit 103
Tiburon Resort  

Single Family Home in Gated Community

12798 Aviano Drive

Naples New Construction

Dining in Naples
Dining by Boat in the Naples Area
IWhether it’s a shrimp basket at Coconut Jack’s, gator bites at Stan’s Idle Hour or cutting-edge Continental cuisine at M Waterfront Grille, somehow i
t all tastes better if you’ve traveled there by boat.
The region offers a bounty of boat-accessible options, ranging from ultra-casual t
o special-occasion chic. Following is a sampling of the spots available.
The primary thing to remember is that many of these establishments have only a few 
slips and popular spots fill up quickly — especially on weekends — so call ahead to 
ensure there’s room and to get precise nautical directions before making the trip. 
Michelle DeNomme