Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In Solidarity with the Pittsburgh 

Jewish Community

Turning darkness into light; 
pain into growth
Dear Friend,
Our hearts are shattered by the heinous and horrific 
attack on our brothers and sistersin Pittsburgh. We 
mourn the 11 holy souls who were so cruelly torn 
from our midst, and pray to G‑d to provide strength 
and comfort to their shocked and grieving families. 
Their unfathomable pain is shared by the entire Jewish 
people and all people worldwide.
We further pray for the complete and speedy healing of 
the injured, of the survivors and of the entire Pittsburgh 
No words can possibly describe this pure evil. Jews who 
gathered to pray and celebrate Shabbat were killed for 
no reason other than the fact that they were Jewish. Again: 
While praying! On Shabbat! The killer’s bullets we're aimed 
at us all. “All Jews must die,” he yelled while opening fire.
What is the remedy to such senseless hatred?! What can 
we possibly do to eradicate it?
The Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory, answered 
this a number of times, with clarity and conviction:
Boundless love.
Cold-blooded, fanatical, baseless, relentless hatred can 
be uprooted from its core only by saturating our world 
with pure, undiscriminating, uninhibited, unyielding love 
and acts of kindness.
Today more than ever, we need to spread love and unity; 
positivity and light.
We must continue to walk to our synagogues proudly. And, 
even as we grieve and mourn, we must increase exponentially 
our acts of goodness and kindness.
Some of the injured were law enforcement heroes who 
willingly chose to put their own lives in danger to help others. 
We stand in awe of their courage and dedication. And we are 
grateful to live in a country that protects our right to live openly 
and proudly as Jews. We value immensely the friendship and 
outpouring of support from so many of our fellow Americans.
* * *
To help illuminate this thick darkness and eradicate evil, let's join 
forces with the Jewish community of Pittsburgh. Our brothers and 
sisters in Pittsburgh -- and the entire world! -- need our prayers and 
mitzvot (good deeds) now more than ever!
The rabbis, rebbetzins and staff of Chabad-Lubavitch in Pittsburgh 
are doing their utmost to support the grieving families and the entire 
community. They are also committed to increasing the sense of Jewish 
unity and Jewish pride.
In that light, they have called for a campaign to install (affix) 1,100 
Mezuzot in the Pittsburgh region, a hundred Mezuzot in the memory 
of each victim that lost their lives in the attack.
We are all one family. Your loss is our loss. Together we mourn, 
together we cry.
Let's show them we care. Let's join them!
Regardless of where you live around the globe, you 
can join this campaign. If you don’t have a Mezuzah at your 
door(s), please do so in honor of the victims. Even if you 
have a Mezuzah at your front door, you can fulfill this Mitzvah 
by adding a Mezuzah in other rooms inside your home.
If you already have Mezuzot on all doorposts of your home 
and office, please considerchoosing another Mitzvah in 
their honor. 
In addition, you can also add your very own condolences note 
that will be hand-delivered to the families of the victims.
May this global show of unity bring some solace to the families 
and bring healing to our fractured world.
Let us beseech G-d to send healing and comfort to the grieving 
families, and pray that He quickly eradicate all evil and hatred 
and usher in the coming of Moshiach, speedily in our days.
Let us pray fervently for the complete 
and speedy recovery of the injured!
In the merit of our collective mitzvot and prayers, may each of 
us -- and all of us as one! -- be comforted at this extraordinarily 
challenging time.
Join the Campaign

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