Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Making an Offer: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

In competitive housing markets across the country, making an offer that sticks has become increasingly difficult. Let me help you make the process of buying your dream HomeSweetHome by avoiding making mistakes along the way.

Delaying...Time kills deals!
Dragging your feet means you could wind up paying more in a bidding war situation or missing out on the property altogether.” Buyers need to be ready with their paperwork, such as bank statements, a preapproval letter, and documents supporting proof of funds, from the day they begin house-hunting mode. 

Making an offer for their preapproved amount...
Smart buyers are getting preapproved to show a seller they’re financially able to purchase a home. 

Submitting a lowball offer...
Lowballing a seller often backfires, particularly in a seller’s market. “A lowball offer that isn't backed up with math or comparable sales data is disrespectful and could turn off the seller! 

Waiving inspection contingencies... Don't EVER DO IT! Always have an Inspection!

Not presenting yourself well enough in the Transaction Process...

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