Friday, June 20, 2008

Did you Know???

About 40 million Americans move each year, and Florida is the No. 2 spot for relocation, second only to California, according to a survey conducted by The survey finds that 19 percent of those relocating went from owning their own homes to renting, with only 15 percent shifting the other way. Only 14 percent of the 1,237 respondents owned their previous residence and moved to a newly purchased home, and the majority (52 percent) went from one rental situation to another. The survey shows that most people relocate for a new job, a transfer within their current job or to seek a new lifestyle, including retirement. About half the moves were from one state to another. Two-thirds moved more than 100 miles and 54 percent moved more than 500 miles away. California is the number one destination state with 6 percent of the total sample moving there from another state, while 5 percent of all relocations move to Florida, followed by Texas (4 percent), New York (3 percent) and Georgia (2 percent).

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